Fresno Free College Foundation

2012 Committees

Budget Committee:- dates and times vary
Gerry Bill (Chair), Mike Beevers, Rych Withers, Jim Compton Schmidt

Elections: Elections - Meets as needed - July to November at the 1449 N Wishon Office

Fundraising Committee: 2nd Wednesday 6PM at the 1449 N Wishon Office
Jewell Riversmith (chair), Mike Beevers, Rych Withers, Vic Bedoian

Governance Committee: Meets as needed at the 1449 N Wishon Office
Mark Hernandez (Chair) Gerry Bill, Leni Reeves, Sue Kern

Outreach Committees: None at this time

Personnel Committee: (closed meeting no public participation)
Sue Kern (Chair) Gerry Bill, Jewell Riversmith, Mike Beevers

Programming Needs Assessment Committee: 4th Tuesday at 4:15 PM, 1449 N Wishon Office
Dave Gendron, Leni Reeves (Chair), Vic Bedoian, and community members Barry Chambers, Spenser Abe

News Stringer Committee: Meets as needed
Gerry Bill (Chair), Leni Reeves, Rych Withers