Fresno Free College Foundation

Will Humans be Saviors of the Earth?

November 8, 2012, 6-9 PM, Reading at 7 PM
Chris Sorensen Studio
2223 S. Van Ness
Fresno, CA 93721

Reading is a Memorial Dedication to Josiah Maskaleris, grandson of Thanasis.

In a forward to the book, Patroclos Stavrou and Niki P. Stavrou, Kazantzakis Publications, Ltd., wrote the following:

This publication could not be timelier, as humanity is experiencing the long foreseen escalation of the scorching, the injuring, the over-cultivating and the overheating of the Earth, whose natural mosaic has now been altered severly. This long-scale devastation can no longer be contained in dismal environmentalist projections; it is manifesting in absentia as sensations, scents, sights and sounds are gradually fading from human memory. One may easily visualize a future when our connection to the Earth may be found only in literature, as the multisensory bond between humans and the natural world verges on the brink of being permanently lost.

The Fresno Free College Foundation & KFCF are co-sponsors of this event.